The principal purposes of LICAYDE are:


(1) To act as trustee of and administer an overseas aid fund, focused on Liberia and other developing countries as determined by the Board, which supports communities by:

  • promoting and assisting development as further detailed in a Deed of Trust establishing the fund; and
  • providing relief to persons experiencing urgent need whether because of epidemic, earthquake, fire, flood, famine, conflict, terrorism or otherwise, where this relief is further detailed in a Deed of Trust establishing the fund.


(2)  To provide benevolent relief, care and assistance to persons in Australia, Liberia and elsewhere who experience need because of:

  • disability or serious disease;
  • displacement;
  • social isolation;
  • addiction;
  • poverty or extreme financial need; or
  • other adverse circumstance which is sufficient to arouse the compassion of the community
  • Where this relief, care and assistance includes, without limitation:
  • direct financial relief;
  • skills and career training;
  • life education;
  • social inclusion programmes; or
  • other advantageous assistance as the Board may determine appropriate.
(3)  To provide education and training programmes to employ the employment prospects of young people and others, as determined by the Board from time to time.(4)  To promote the control and cure of diseases in humans through:

  • Education and awareness programmes (including education on good hygiene and safe sexual practices);
  • Treatment programmes;
  • the provision of medical supplies, personal hygiene products or similar


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