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Life Centre for Youth Development & Empowerment is a non –for-profit organization working with young people from CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) Communities and mainstream communities. We use a person- cantered philosophy to promote our aim and provide a healthy, safe and positive environment where young people can have an opportunity to nurture and develop life skills and pursue their personal goals.

We encourage active involvement in social, community and economic participation within Australian society. we are interested to see young people caring, capable and contributing positively to their family, community and cultural backgrounds and to facilitate our young people as future leaders, roles models and mentors within Australian society and the world as large.

We provide assistance, advocacy and respond to the causes of an unsafe society for youth, impoverished children and people with disabilities and create pathways where personal rights are understood and protected equally and we are interested in developing personal and community collaboration to raise living standards which will contribute positively to community, national and international growth.



  • To respect and value people and their right to choice.
  • We support, encourage and empower our children, youth and communities.
  • All youth are important and equal.
  • We respect and value people with disability


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